United Heroes League

United Heroes League is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization helping military children stay healthy and active in sports.

Our mission at United Heroes League is ensuring that children of military members are afforded every opportunity to participate in sports.  We accomplish this by providing free equipment, some of the finest camps at no cost, grants to help with sports association fees, and game tickets to pro, minor and college games for free nationwide. 

Who We Are:

The organization was originally named Defending the Blue Line and was established and incorporated by a group of active duty soldiers in the spring of 2009.  Its mission was focused on keeping hockey alive for the children of our nation’s heroes.  The organization grew rapidly and has since changed its name to United Heroes League in June of 2016.  The new brand identity is designed to keep military kids healthy and active in ALL sports.  

United Heroes League is governed by a board of directors comprised of senior military officials, corporate executives, sports executives, sports legends and other notable figures.  The organization accepts no public funding for our charitable program, and operates solely from private and corporate donations.  We've been able to give back an astonishing 90% of our revenues to military families.

United Heroes League Programs:

Sports Equipment:  Many sponsors and individuals have donated sports equipment. With it, United Heroes League has been able to outfit thousands of military kids with top of the line gear. 

Grants:  United Heroes League has paid over $500,000 in grants to help with sports association fees. As we move into other sports, we expect this number to increase dramatically. The average military Sergeant (E5) with six years of service makes about $30,000 per year. United Heroes League is proud to provide financial support to keep the children of our nation's heroes active and healthy in sports while their parents serve our country.

Camps:  United Heroes League has sent over 2,000 military kids to some of the finest camps available across the nation.

Game Tickets:  Through our nationwide team and player partnerships including NHL, MLB, NBA, MLS, NFL and NCAA, United Heroes League has sent tens of thousands of military families to pro, minor and college games for free.

United Heroes League
- Maintains a 90% giving rate
- Partners with 90 professional athlete ambassadors who help support our cause

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