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Twin Cities Tap

Classes. Concerts. Community. Sharing the rhythm, music, and art of tap dance.

At the 2017 Twin Cities Tap Festival, more than 240 tap dance lovers from 10 different states, Canada, and Sweden came together to share and learn about the ever-evolving American art of tap dance! Presented again this year at the Cowles Center for Dance and Performing Arts, these dancers took part in 4 days of performances, workshops and master classes with international tap artists, local professionals, and tap dancers of all ages and abilities. 

A highlight this year were the fantastic (sold out) performances featuring local choreographers, national tap artists, and live music. Audiences, many of whom have never seen a live tap performance before remarked:

  • "entertaining. creative. joyful. artistic. emotional"
  • "fantastic performance!"
  • "I've never seen a tap show like this!"
  • "can't wait to bring my whole studio next year"  
  • "I didn't know there was such diversity in tap styles"

But we couldn't produce this kind of festival without the support of our generous donors! THAT'S YOU! 

We recognize the need to expand our offerings to accommodate the growing interest from our enthusiastic tap community! With three full performances, and jam-packed classes, you can help us thoughtfully expand the festival so that even more dancers can participate! 

Your support of the annual Twin Cities Tap Festival allows us to host internationally renowned tap artists alongside local artists and choreographers for even more workshops, master classes, and performances. Your gift will help the festival continue to expand and offer even more opportunities for tap dancers around the region like: providing need-based scholarships, hosting a residency, or offering year-round programming to take advantage of visiting artists.

More about the Twin Cities Tap Festival:

The Twin Cities Tap Festival will bring together national artists and local tap professionals to share and learn about rhythm, music, and the art of tap dance. http://www.twincitiestap.com/

A hub for dance arts in general, the Twin Cities Tap Festival shines a spotlight on Minnesota’s tap community and brings attention to the wealth of tap talent that thrives here. We aim to foster learning, inspiration, creativity, and innovation in Minnesota’s tap community and provide a venue to showcase local tap companies, dancers and choreographers.

The region's tap dancers, teachers, choreographers and dance appreciators will have access to classes, workshops and performances all centered around enhancing technique, expanding creativity, and experiencing the ever-evolving American art of tap dance. The festival performances will feature some of the nation's top tap artists and local tap groups! 

Join us and become a supporter today! 

Contact Brenna Brelie for more information or if you have questions: brenna (at) twincitiestap.com 

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