Twin Cities Mobile Jazz Project

Mobile Jazz is suceeding in providing a safe and fun haven for underexposed, stressed and tramatized students. "HELP US WIN"

Twin Cities Mobile Jazz Project, was founded in 2013 by Grammy award-winning producer, educator and former Dean of McNally Smith College of Music, LOUIS ANDRE FISCHER, to offer an environment of trust, safety, unleashed creativity, teamwork, fun, Jazz and the art of endless possibilities.

The Mobile Jazz After-School and Summer School Program offers arts-based interactive classes, we're currently in three public high schools and one community center in St. Paul, MN. Mobile Jazz is a community partner with Saint Paul Public Schools and their Office of College and Career Readiness. Youth ages 12-18 are mentored by professional artists, master musicians, and educators using multiple-disciplines, social group building, and one-on-one mentoring to build youth artistic, technological and emotional skills and empower youth as co-creators and leaders. Disciplines consist of spoken word, creative writing, poetry, singing, performing, reading and writing music, playing instruments, recording music and production, video production and dance. After-school classes are 12-week sessions (one fall series, one spring series), with 3-hour sessions twice per week, serving 200+ youth. Summer school classes are 8 weeks, with 5-hour sessions five days per week, serving 135 youth.

a.    We provide intentional leadership and learning opportunities in a creative, loving and nurturing environment.

b.    We engage all students who otherwise struggle to find themselves in core curriculum content.

c.    We help guide students through the stress and trauma of the adult world by exposing them to worldly communication skills, using music, the arts and technology to help them express themselves.

Twin Cities Mobile Jazz Project has the unique capacity to provide exciting content that can be differentiated to support student needs, we provide experienced mentors to teach meaningful projects and give emotional learning lessons that keep students engaged in school and in their communities.

We need your support and money to help us keep our successful program free to the public!! and to always be able to provide our wonderful after school programs, our free jazz concerts in the parks and workshops, all as safe and diverse forums for communication and cultural enlightenment. We serve the underserved, underexposed and traumatized students of all ages and nationalities through our free programs.

Sincerely, Louis Andre Fischer

Executive Director - Twin Cities Mobile Jazz Project


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