Twin Cities Agricultural Land Trust

Equitable, long-term land access for gardening and farming in the Twin Cities region

The Twin Cities Agricultural Land Trust is a community driven network that provides advocacy, holds land, facilitates and advocates for affordable ownership and/or leasing of agricultural land by growers, and connects stakeholders to resources and education for people seeking long term, affordable land access to grow food.


Our region will have permanent and sufficient land – with a diverse array of land tenure options - for people who seek to grow food and meet the food needs of local communities by using agricultural practices that sustain landscapes. Agriculture and food production will be recognized as a valuable land use and economic engine in our metropolitan region.


This year we are trying to raise the funds to support a part-time project manager to coordinate three exciting pilot projects, working with Farmers' Legal Action Group to secure North Minneapolis land for gardeners, building a mentorship process with cities that have already undergone some of the sea changes in community agricultural land that the Twin Cities are now undergoing, and working with the Urban Farm and Garden Alliance to build a learning network between gardens demonstrating the public benefits of their long term food production practices. We are also happy with donations of time, which can be made here:

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