Touchstone Mental Health

Touchstone Mental Health inspires Hope, Healing and Well-Being.

Chris was so depressed that he tried to end his life more than once. He had been in and out of the hospital four times in the last six months.  Chris was excited to go home, but nothing had really changed. He knew he would probably be back at the hospital soon. His doctor referred him to Touchstone Residential Treatment so he could receive 24-hour mental health support in the community at a cost of 91% less per day compared to the hospital. 

Touchstone opened a new program in Anoka on November 1st to help meet the growing need for residential treatment services for individuals like Chris. 

While in the program, Chris learned more about his mental illness, symptoms and medications. He practiced new coping skills to help manage his emotions and impulses, and developed skills to improve relationships with his family and friends. He returned to his apartment and is receiving support from Touchstone Housing Innovation staff.  Chris has not been hospitalized for over a year.  Chis credits Touchstone with his success, “I thank Touchstone for helping me get back on track.  I was able to reconnect with myself and have a life worth living again.”

Recovery from mental illness and whole-person wellness starts at Touchstone Mental Health. Your support today is crucial! Help us reach our $5000 goal to purchase start up items needed at our Lyric Lane Residential Treatment program!  

Touchstone Mental Health is a 35 year old organization committed to meeting the needs of adults with mental illness in Minnesota.  We provide long term housing, case management, residential treatment and now crisis stabilization services at our Anoka location.  We serve over 2,000 individuals annually.

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