The BabyLove Alliance

Working together for better births, healthier moms, and happier families

Last month, after 18 months of work, we finally obtained our designation from the Minnesota Department of Health as an Essential Community Provider. This will allow us to obtain contracts with all insurers in Minnesota, so everyone will have access to our services. But, there's one catch: contracting takes a good chunk of time unless you are a pro. We are raising money to help us get from where we are now to having all of our contracts in place. Your donation will pay for: 1) The fee for a professional contracting expert to do the legwork (approx. $500) 2) Expenses related to scaling up operations (approx. $500) 3) Birth doula care for families with insurers we don't currently have contracts with. (Approximately $1500) Your help goes a long way!

The BabyLove Alliance Ltd. is a 501(c)(3) organization formed in December 2014 with the goal of improving outcomes for families in Dakota County and surrounding areas by providing a comprehensive wraparound program covering early pregnancy to postpartum care. Mothers face huge barriers in getting specific care and support during the childbearing years, and we strive to mend this gap.

Our mission is to:

  • Improve the maternity care outcomes for families in the Twin Cities
  • Increase breastfeeding rates
  • Reduce birth complications including premature birth rates
  • Improve mental health outcomes for both moms and babies

Programs and services offered through The BabyLove Alliance include a comprehensive birth doula program that incorporates risk factor screening, childbirth education, individual counseling, risk reduction counseling, smoking cessation, parenting counseling, and groups for pregnant and new families.

While we are able to bill health insurance for some of our services, we aren't able to bill for everything. Additionally, many of our referrals are to work with expecting moms who are struggling--either recovering from drug addiction, homeless, or recently leaving an abusive relationship. We provide the unwavering support and encouragement that numerous studies have shown to help them get a healthy beginning for their babies.

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