Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual Transgender Pride Twin Cities

Keeping Pride FREE and accessible for ALL!

The mission of Pride is to create experiences that bring the greater LGBTQ community together to commemorate our diverse heritage, foster inclusion, educate and create awareness of issues, and celebrate achievements in equality.

Twin Cities Pride has been bringing the greater LGBT community together since 1972. Over 400,000 people enjoy the Pride celebration each year, making ours the largest free Pride Festival in the country.

Booth fees and beverage sales account for 60 percent of the cost to present the Festival. Corporate sponsorships provide another 30 percent. The balance comes from generous donors like you.

MY PRIDE CARD is an opportunity for you to support Pride. 

Funds from MY PRIDE CARD support:

  • Subsidies for small nonprofits to participate in Pride activities*.
  • Educational opportunities, including the Jean-Nickolaus Tretter History Pavilion at the Festival.
  • Accessibility, including ADA and ASL features at Pride events.
  • Family activities, including the free canoe rides at the Festival.
  • Stipends for local artists to participate in the Festival.

My PRIDE Card holders receive benefits at the Pride Festival and throughout the year. 

Donors now have the opportunity to personalize a Hennepin Avenue Banner for the entire month of June. This is a great way to honor and celebrate a loved one.

Pride is about creating space for everyone to celebrate exactly who they are.

“Everywhere else I go, I keep expecting to hear that one snide comment, that one funky look, that one obviously uncomfortable body language because I am gay.  But when I am here, I don’t have to worry about any of that happening and I can just be myself."

                                              ~ Pride volunteer

These organizations received subsidies in 2016: Minnesota NOW Foundation (festival and parade), SlutWalk Minneapolis, Out & Sober Minnesota (festival and parade), St. Cloud Pride, FathersFIRST!, RECLAIM!, No Dog Left Behind, Red Ribbon Ride (festival and parade), Rochester Gay Lesbian Community Services, Transforming Families, Minnesota Asexuals, Panhandlers Steel Drum Band

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