Twin Cities Community Gospel Choir


The Twin Cities Community Gospel Choir preserves, promotes, and honors the African American gospel music tradition by communicating the music’s universal messages of joy and liberation across cultures and spiritual traditions.

Under the artistic leadership of David Hurst, we perform in venues ranging from professional concert halls and churches to homeless shelters and prisons. We seek to educate people about the richness of the African American musical heritage through workshops and other activities in addition to our performances.  We are teachers, nurses, realtors, business people, artists, students and retirees.  We are professional singers and people who are singing in a choir for the first time.  What brings us together is the music and how it lifts us up, choir and audiences alike.

Your contribution will help us sing one more song, and impact the life of one more person. 

"Without a song, each day would be a century"  -Mahalia Jackson

Impacting the community:

From an inmate at Lino Lakes Correctional facility: “Wednesday evening re-entry group at The Q was quickly turned into a spirit-filled revival. All offenders and staff rejoiced in the Lord and on their feet as they were entertained by the amazing music. This celebration was truly a blessing! The group’s music and message of hope gave the whole community an uplifted spirit.” 

“Working with the TCC Gospel Choir in our hit show ‘Northern Lights/Southern Cross’ [at the Guthrie Theater] was one of the highlights of my artistic career. Their talent and generosity of spirit sets them apart from others.” -- Jeanne Calvit, Executive Director, Interact Center for the Visual and Performing Arts

Choir member: “I have searched long and hard to find the kind of choir community that TCC offers. I joined fall of 2008 and loved it from the first practice.”

“[When] I joined the Twin Cities Community Gospel Choir . . . all of a sudden my life became bigger—not because of travels, or discovering some earth-shattering medical device that will cure cancer or solve the world’s hunger problems, but because by singing, I’m touching people’s lives and making them feel better through music and reawakening something spiritual inside of them...”

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