Stone Bank (Touchstones Inc)

Restore, Repurpose, Revitalize

PRESERVATION ROCKS! The Stone Bank is a link to Bottineau's past and a cornerstone for its future. It was built in 1900 from stones carried to North Dakota by glaciers and shaped by the hands of pioneer craftsmen. When it was threatened with condemnation in 2011, we formed a nonprofit, bought the building and made a plan to restore it and put it back to use.  

In 2016, Smart Growth America, a D.C. nonprofit that works with communities across the country, visited Bottineau. Its team toured the area and met with community leaders. Their top recommendation? “Restore and repurpose historic structures for community revitalization.”

Bingo! We were already on it. Your gift will have an immediate effect on our progress.

In 2012, we took apart 20 feet of the back of the building to repair the foundation and are now ready to rebuild. In 2017, we installed the floor joists over the new foundation. Now, we need to protect the joists from damage from the winter weather. Composite beams are tough, but they aren't made to be exposed to the elements. We don't want to replace them in 2018.

Here's how small gifts can make a difference: Later this week, our crew will wrap the new beams to protect them from the elements. Then they will cover the beams with sheets of 4' x8' plywood, and cover the plywood with tarps. To do so, we need 20 tarps (20' x 4'), which we found for $5 each. We also need 10 sheets of half-inch plywood (4' x8'). Each piece of plywood costs $25. 

Your gift can truly make a difference.

In 2018, we plan to raise the back of this beautiful, historic building on Bottineau's Main Street. Can you help?

We are asking every Bottineau High School graduate to make a donation and join the effort. If you're not from Bottineau, we hope you will consider a gift to help us preserve one of our town's finest historic buildings. It truly is a gem and will keep our town's history alive for generations to come. 

Best of all, your gift to the Stone Bank will immediately make you a TOTAL ROCK STAR!


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