EXPO Elementary Council of Parents and Teachers Inc

Help fund learning at EXPO!

EXPO is a vibrant school that balances an extraordinary range of resources with an emphasis on the individual needs of all of our students. 

Since 1990, EXPO has been a community—a place where students, educators, and parents strive to give children the tools and the skills to become citizens of the world, exploring, solving problems together, growing into active, engaged members of their communities. EXPO is alive with ideas, inquiry, friendship and growth—it is truly a happy place where children are cherished. The investments you make to our community and our school help create a successful learning experience for all our beautifully diverse students. 

Please make a one-time donation to the EXPO community of learners, or consider an on-going donation. Thank you for supporting EXPO!

If you have any questions, please contact Principal Darren Yerama at [email protected]


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