Somali Artifact and Cultural Museum

Preserving Somali culture for future generations, and educating Minnesotans of all backgrounds about Somalia's rich heritage.

The Somali Museum of Minnesota (a.k.a. the Somali Artifact and Cultural Museum) is the only museum in the world devoted to preserving Somalia’s vanishing cultural heritage. Minnesota is home to over 70,000 Somali-Americans, and the Somali Museum is the state’s premier resource for Somali cultural education. 

Displaying a collection of over 700 pieces, the Somali Museum offers an unrivaled collection of artworks and serves as a hub for traditional and contemporary Somali artists. This collection includes everyday craftworks as well as paintings by artists in Somalia and the diaspora. Most of these pieces have been collected by the museum’s founder, Osman Ali, and the collection also includes pieces that have been donated in Somalia and abroad. The Museum was founded in 2011 and opened its gallery in October 2013, and since then has hosted visitors from all across North America—and beyond—for tours, hands-on craft workshops, and large-scale cultural celebrations followed throughout the Somali diaspora on social media and Youtube. The Museum’s gallery hosts roughly 1,400 visitors annually, and over 10,000 Minnesotans engage with the Somali Museum through performances, lectures, research, cultural competency trainings, community celebrations, and family events around the Twin Cities.

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