Six Elements Theatre Company

Help us make our eighth season as a theater company better than ever!

With action both onstage and off, Six Elements Theatre stimulates thought, inspires creativity, and cultivates our community through high-intensity theatre and excellent craftsmanship.

Looking forward to....

The Hound of Chulainn

This cast-created production, based on Irish mythology, will weave violence and music through the legend of Ireland's greatest hero, the kingdom he protects, and the hidden foster-sister he cannot.
Performing February 16-25th at the Crane Theater in Northeast Minneapolis!

Brawl of America 2017
The Brawl of America will be returning for its 5th year as the largest stage combat training opportunity in the state.  Featuring two full days of classes with world-class instructors, the Brawl brings the finest quality instruction to Minnesota on a variety of topics, from simple slaps and falls to complex swordplay.  Look for registration info in early spring, with the workshop happening memorial day weekend, May 2018. 

Human Combat Chess 2018
Superbowl? Meh. World Series? Yawn. Our sport has swords. Six Elements' yearly stage combat extravaganza will be returning, as action-packed and dynamic as ever. With over 50 performers, fight choreographers, designers and technicians each year, this show will present the hard-fought finals of the most interesting sport to never exist. If you haven't been introduced to this action-packed show yet, now is the time!
Human Combat Chess will perform in June 2018.

Frankenstein AND Bloody Poetry
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein has been thrilling the world for 200 years come 2018, and Six Elements is celebrating with our first ever repertory. We will be pairing a poetic and moving adaptation of the classic novel with Bloody Poetry, a play dealing with Shelley, Lord Byron, and the continental trip where Frankenstein's monster first came to be.
Bloody Poetry and Frankenstein will both perform in October 2018.

Stay tuned for more information about auditions, classes, and future productions!

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