Sisters Camelot

Feed the Hungry. Inspire community based Social Change. Touch people's lives with Random Acts of Kindness.


Sisters' Camelot is a collectively run 501c3 non-profit organization working to promote sustainability, strengthen community, and raise awareness about food justice.  As an organization, we model a way to unconditionally share free healthy food in our communities.  


Sisters' Camelot has been sharing free organic and locally grown produce in the Twin Cities since 1997, through our Mobile Organic Food Share program.  Each week we pick up 6-8000 pounds of fresh unsold produce from organic distribution warehouse, and share it for free in low-income neighborhoods in the Twin Cities.  We share out of a brightly painted former MetroTransit bus, making stops at different community organization, busy intersections, and neighborhood parks.  We meet people, discuss good nutrition, and share food. After sharing, cardboard boxes are recycled and overripe produce is composted at our community garden, with minimal waste going into the waste stream.

Our community garden on Chicago Ave S at 36th street grows fresh herbs and vegetables that we share with our community, neighbors, and volunteers.  As an experiment in urban permaculture, our community garden provides an outdoor classroom for the community to work together and learn together.  Our goal is to help people discover that by gardening and working with the soil, they too can grow healthy food to sustain their community.  Food waste and organic material is composted at our garden, creating rich organic soil and renewing city land. 

Our Mobile Kitchen is a renovated Bluebird bus with a state-of-the-art whole foods kitchen.  Our kitchen bus provides a uniquely experiential learning environment for people to become comfortable cooking with unfamiliar vegetables in unfamiliar quantities and to build community by preparing meals with and for one another.  We cook together, and share for free with our community.  Being mobile allows us to serve around the Twin Cities, and at different community events.  

Sisters' Camelot is a small charity run by a collective of volunteers dedicated to helping others and sharing with our community.  We started in 1997 as a grassroots solution to food waste and hunger in our communities, and continue to this day to touch the lives of many.  We share unconditionally, we don't ask anyone to prove they are poor enough, because we believe healthy food is important for everyone.  And volunteers work together every week to make this all happen.  


  • An ecologically conscious world in which long-term sustainability takes precedence over material greed
  • A global economy based upon cooperation between local autonomous communities
  • A nonviolent world free from oppression, arbitrary borders, and the domination of individuals


  • Community autonomy
  • Human rights
  • Global solidarity
  • Equality
  • Economic and social justice
  • Anti-authoritarianism
  • Sustainability
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