SCC: Your Community & Technical College

One of the most valuable gifts you can give is the gift of an education. 

Meet “Sarah”.  Sarah had a beautiful baby girl and a new husband.  Sarah had the opportunity to stay home with her baby girl every day until one day she will not forget: the day she lost her husband in a horrible accident.  Their lives were forever changed.  Sarah needed a new future and she found her new path at South Central College.  She almost gave up many times….  Sarah received a scholarship.  It didn’t cover all of her expenses; however, it made a difference and gave her the extra encouragement that this community believed in her. 

Meet “Maria”.  She grew up in our backyard.  She was involved in some activities, and she was a great high school student.  Maria wants to be an accountant.  Her parents both work, but the reality is that there isn’t anything left over from their paychecks, let alone $6,000 in tuition. Maria and her family are excited about the smaller class sizes at SCC, lower costs of tuition and the opportunity to learn a skill (her mom also likes that the school isn’t “too far” from home). Maria will be the first in her family to go to college, and she is a scholarship recipient this fall.

Meet “Al”.  Al has had a variety of careers in his 20+ years since high school, even running his own company along the way.  Becoming a parent was not the only thing that changed in Al’s life; he was forced to find a new occupation when his employer downsized.  He wanted to keep raising his family in Mankato.  Al heard about the Mechatronics program at SCC and enrolled.   The SCC Foundation Scholarship Selection Committee invested in Al by providing him a scholarship.  Al is currently working in his field in our community.  We are proud to call him a graduate.

Sarah, Maria or Al could be any of the more than 5,000 students at SCC, who each have a unique story and hope for the future!  We are asking you to join us in providing a little extra encouragement for SCC students; however, our need is not just in scholarships it is also in providing training for all of our students on state-of-the-art equipment in updated laboratories/classrooms.  

As you would anticipate the need is greater than we can provide, but every gift makes a significant difference.

We would love to hear from you directly as well.  For more information about the SCC Foundation call us at 507-389-7342.

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