Rhythmically Speaking

Support engagement in jazz and American vernacular dance!

Are you inspired by rhythm? Do you feel moved by it?

If your answers are 'Yes!,' we at Rhythmically Speaking hope you'll support us this season, as we celebrate 10 years of working passionately to engage people with the inspiring and moving experiences of creating, performing, viewing and learning about jazz and other American vernacular dance forms like tap and hip-hop styles that share the core value of rhythmic exchange.

We are proud of the dedicated community we've built, the quality performance work we've presented, and that we've become a 501(c)3 non-profit organization to better our ability to serve our mission of "revitalizing jazz and American vernacular dance forms in the Twin Cities, supporting its practitioners, educating its audiences, and celebrating its rich history while nurturing innovation through performance." Your contributions support capacity building in our development, marketing and programming efforts, including the presentation of our 10th annual show featuring original works by local and national choreographers and provision of increasingly meaningful stipends for their work. 

As donations are tax-deductible, think of contributing as paying your taxes, but getting to decide how they are spent! Additionally, while fundraising isn’t free, you can now ensure that 100% of your easy to make, secure donation goes directly to us! By choosing to cover the processing fee, you provide us with more resource to help us fulfill our mission. 

"Beautiful. True. What else matters?"

We are proud to enliven and build community in Minnesota and beyond through jazz and American vernacular dance. If you feel the above words from a recent show attendee describe our work, become a part of it: become or continue to be a donor. We are humbled by your support, and hope you’ll join us August 16-18, 2018 at the Southern Theater for Rhythmically Speaking 10/2018!

Groove on,
Erinn Liebhard, Artistic Director
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