Restorative Justice Community Action Inc

Bringing people together to make things right.

RJCA Accomplishments: Over 4,800 offenders have successfully met with community members and nearly 41,000 hours have been given by offenders giving back to their communities.

Restorative Justice Community Action brings residents of Hennepin County and Minneapolis together with adults and youth who have committed crimes in their area. Together they participate in "community conferences", a restorative justice process that strengthens accountability and opens a line of communication between the offender and those harmed.

RJCA facilitates conversations between individuals who have committed misdemeanor or low level felony offenses and those impacted by the crime to discuss the incident and determine restitution.  Individuals who complete the program are able to keep a conviction off their record, avoid fines, and minimize contact with the justice system. The process enables RJCA to achieve its mission of strengthening communities through restorative justice practices.

Repairing the harm usually consists of community service projects or personal development to help offenders avoid future crimes.

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