The World's Online Database of High Quality Used Eyeglasses.

Founded in 2011, ReSpectacle is a young & growing organization that offers an innovative approach to eyeglass recycling. Our mission is leverage the power of the internet to facilitate the recycling of high quality used glasses. 

Glasses are among the most successful, cost-effective medical interventions ever created by mankind and enjoy near universal acceptance. 
Look up from your computer (or device) at the people around you, and see how many people are benefitting from the use of spectacles. If you wear glasses yourself, consider how much different your life would be without them. Blurred vision has a detrimental impact on education, productivity, job opportunities, and quality of life. Many individuals (in the US and abroad) do not have access to this simple, life-changing vision correction. 

At ReSpectacle our model is simple: We collect eyeglass donations at multiple locations across the USA, screen them for quality, process them into an online database, and make them available to the world via our website. With support from individual donors like you, we ship the glasses at no cost to recipients. The 
website features an innovative search algorithm that ranks available glasses relative to the user's prescription. The processing includes descriptive variables (which are filterable) as well as photos, which collectively allow an individual the dignity of choosing a preferred style among the available matches. 

This unique approach to eyeglass recycling allows underserved individuals (or eye care providers on behalf of their patients in need) an opportunity to browse available glasses from the comfort of their home (or office) 24 hours/day, increasing access and removing many of the barriers to traditional eyeglass recycling. 
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