PROP Food Shelf

Hunger is a 365-day problem. Together, WE are the solution

Imagine having to choose between food and rent. For too many, this is a monthly dilemma.

You're driving to work and your car breaks down. You have to get to your job because your family needs the income. And your rent is due. You only have enough to cover one. Which do you choose? 

You bite down on a holiday chocolate only to break your tooth on the hidden almond. You’re in a lot of pain but afraid to go to the dentist. You know you can’t afford to pay for treatment. You’re barely making ends meet as it is. And the rent is due at the end of the week. What do you do?

PROP helps our neighbors avoid these choices. But we can’t do it alone. Supporting PROP keeps people fed and in their homes. It also gives them hope for a better future.

Help support PROP in its mission to end hunger and help provide stability to families in crisis.  

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