New Ulm Ministerial Association Shelter (NUMAS) Haus

Giving Families a Future

NUMAS Haus provides emergency shelter and support services to homeless single mother families with school age children from the New Ulm, Minnesota area. The program is designed to help these families find permanent housing within 90 days, while addressing the root causes of homelessness for each family through counseling, educational programs and case management. The goal is to allow children to remain enrolled in New Ulm schools while their families become established.

Our first family moved into NUMAS Haus in August 2016. Supported by our professional Shelter Coordinator and a full staff of volunteers, this family is thriving in an environment of safe, consistent housing, and already achieving milestones along the way to transitioning into permanent housing.

Our name is built on the first letters of the name of the organization that birthed the idea of NUMAS Haus -- New Ulm Ministerial Association--a description of our mission--Shelter--and house spelled the German way, due to the German roots of our community. Spoken aloud NUMAS sounds like the Greek p
neuma, meaning spirit. It reflects the faith-based origin of our organization as well as our intention to shelter minds, bodies, and spirits of our resident families.
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