Native Governance Center

Strengthening Native nations through leadership development and governance resources

The Native Governance Center (NGC) is a Native American-led nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting Tribal Nations in strengthening their governance systems. NGC was created in response to a need identified by Tribal leaders representing the 23 Native nations in our region. These leaders expressed the need for an organization that would meet the expanding demand for Tribal governance-related resources and sustain this work into the long-term future. The Native Governance Center works at the intersection of leadership development and Tribal governance support: 

Leadership Development: The Native Governance Center provides leadership development opportunities for Native Americans through the Native Nation Rebuilders Program. The Rebuilders Program is a two-year, cohort-based leadership program that creates homegrown jobs and career paths for people to work for, work with, and support Tribes in their efforts to advance governance. 140 grassroots leaders from 21 Native nations have graduated from the program and gone on to strengthen Tribal governance within their own communities. 

Tribal Governance Support: 
The Native Governance Center helps Tribes improve their governance systems; well-governed Tribes have more successful economies and communities. Strong governance is critical because Tribal governments are at the heart of Tribes' very existence. Working side-by-side with Tribes, the Native Governance Center helps create and implement solutions through technical assistance and other consulting services. This work is accomplished through individual projects that NGC undertakes or supports with a Tribe on a particular governance issue, such as constitutional, legal, election, or enrollment reform. In some instances, NGC will play a role in diagnosing and scoping the challenge; in others, NGC will partner with subject matter experts to provide necessary assistance. 
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