Discover Music

To educate, inspire and create opportunities to experience the life-changing power of music.

Our main educational offering is the Discover Music Songwriting Course that works with middle and high school teachers to engage students in the experience of creating music for themselves. 

We now offer blues for kids workshops for harmonica, guitar, and songwriting. We purchase new harmonicas from Hohner and offer free blues for kids harmonica workshops to kids of all ages that introduce them to the blues, teach them how to play a 12 bar blues progression, and how that progression evolved into other genres of music. These workshops are offered at family friendly festivals, fairs, events and in schools.

Students learn advanced music theory, are exposed to popular music styles, and are challenged to write their own lyrics, chords, melodies and harmonies. Once complete, the students record their songs in a professional studio with a backing band. Along the way students learn about music history, music technology and the science behind it, writing skills, critique skills, and build confidence in their own abilities. 

The classes are taught by local music educators and performers. The students will have the chance to work with some of the most influential working musicians in the state. It's an incredible opportunity. 

While the students are learning all about songwriting, they also engage in self-discovery. Songwriting is an intimate and personal experience that is incredibly introspective and emotionally challenging. Students often confront situations in their lives through song and share them. This is so important. 

One of our goals is to provide young people with a tool to deal with situations and emotions in a healthy way. Starting in middle schools, we believe that introducing a tool like songwriting to these students when they're young might give them an alternative to drugs, sex and alcohol as they get older. Some may be able to use it as a tool to fight depression or deal with social situations. 

Ask any saved our lives. We believe that's something worth passing on. 

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