Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute

We empower underserved K–12 students in the Twin Cities to think creatively, write effectively, and succeed academically.

“Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute is a place where the pure, unadulterated weirdness of kids is honored and amplified.” 

-Dave Eggers, best-selling author and founder of 826 National

In a state consistently reporting one of the largest educational opportunity gaps between racial groups in the country, Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute creates a space where no student’s idea is too weird, too outlandish, or too off-topic to be explored. Our wacky name and oceanographic branding serve a few purposes. First, it's a play on our beloved, landlocked state of Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes (but no oceans…yet). Second, having a creative name allows our student authors to be more creative, too. It creates a space where anything is possible—even an ocean in Minnesota—and no idea is too big or too silly to be discussed and taken seriously. Lastly, MOI is a chapter in development for a nationwide network of creative writing and tutoring centers, 826 National. Each chapter has its own wacky storefront, from the Time Travel Mart in Los Angeles to the Greater Boston Bigfoot Research Institute, that allows it to connect in innovative ways to students, community members, and stakeholders. MOI is working to become a part of this network by 2019, including creating a storefront to sell mid-continent oceanographic merchandise and student works.

All donations go to inspiring, cultivating, and broadcasting students’ creativity through our five free programs: After School Homework Help, Creative Writing Workshops, Storytelling & Bookmaking Field Trips, In-School Tutoring, and Young Authors' Book Project. 

Also...we’re moving! 

In the summer of 2018, MOI will be voyaging to a new space in South Minneapolis. As we set our course for new shores, we are calling on friends, family, and donors to support MOI with a donation. Your donation will help calm the seas during travel and get our vessel in ship shape. The new and improved MOI will have an open tutoring floor, a library and reading nook, computers, school supplies, and even sonar equipment to track the creatures and ideas that lurk deep in the ocean. Plus, our caring volunteers and signature programs will be voyaging with us.

Contribute today to MOI to support our move and program expansion. There's an ocean of possibilities across the river, let's find them together...

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