Minutebot Boosters

We are the MinuteBots, Team 4536!

The MinuteBots are St. Paul Central High School's robotics team - a team capable of astonishing feats of engineering, design and creativity. We're proud to have competed for the past three years at the FIRST Worlds Competition, and in October of 2016 our alliance won first place at the 2016 Minnesota Robotics Invitational!

Each year, our team designs, builds and programs a robot for FIRST Robotics Competition, an international program designed to make science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education fun and to develop business and technology leaders of the future.

Because we represent a historic public school that qualifies for federal assistance for disadvantaged students, we are very mindful of how raise for and spend from our limited budget. The team members do the hard work of fundraising, from bagging groceries to building corporate sponsorships. This resourcefulness builds life-skills for the students, and is an asset for the group. Said one of our team mentors, "We're definitely not the team with the most funding, so when tools break we fix them; we make things work and we're creative with our resources. It's a great fit with the kind of problem-solving and innovation that these competitions require."

We build pretty great robots, but the true success of the MinuteBots is in building the scientists, engineers, programmers, and creative leaders that these amazing students become.


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