Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue

Help us provide new beginnings and loving homes to neglected, homeless and disabled Collies throughout the Midwest.

Who We Are
Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue (MWCR) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization whose objective is to shelter and care for homeless, neglected, abused and/or disabled Collies and ultimately place them in permanent, loving homes.  MWCR is solely operated by its extremely dedicated volunteers and funded through the generous donations of our members and supporters. Since 2002 MWCR has given over 1500 collies a second chance at life and love.

What We Do

Transport surrendered Collies to temporary and permanent foster homes throughout the Midwest.
Approved foster families provide a loving, safe home for Collies and begin working to assess their traits and personality, provide needed medical care and begin preparing them to find their forever homes.
Surrendered Collies are spayed/neutered and brought up-to-date on vaccinations before being placed in a forever home, in addition to having any other medical issues addressed that may be discovered during the Collie’s veterinary assessment or during their evaluation period with the foster family.
The MWCR adoption team screens potential adopters to ensure they will provide the loving, safe home each Collie deserves, and then works to match adopters with the best available Collie for their home and lifestyle.
When a Collie goes missing the MWCR team goes into action and implements a variety of resources and tools to increase the likelihood of getting the lost Collie home safe and sound.
MWCR works to find permanent foster homes for the many special needs and/or senior Collies that are surrendered.
Even after a Collie has been adopted, the MWCR team continues to provide follow up, education and support to adopters and their Collies.

 Our Results

In 2016 MWCR helped find homes for over 50 collies.  So far in 2017 more than 35 collies have been placed in loving, "furever" homes.   

Featured 2017 Success Stories

Nala's Story
Adorable Nala came to MWCR as a puppy and at about 4 months of age she had significant urine leakage. She was originally treated for a urinary tract infection but her veterinarian suspected something more was going on, a possible ectopic ureter. We arranged to have her evaluated at the University of MN Veterinary and she did indeed need surgery to correct the issue. Between diagnostic testing and the surgery itself, Nala's vet bills were over $2500. Now, thanks to generous donations from people like you she is a happy, healthy girl who loves to give kisses and get belly rubs.

Cloud, Blue & Crystal
Cloud, Blue and Crystal are "double dilute" collies, the result of a mating between 2 merle parents, either accidentally or by an irresponsible breeder. Collies with this characteristic often have severe medical issues, and responsible breeders make sure that this kind of mating does not happen. In this case, Cloud is deaf, Blue is blind and sweet Crystal is both blind & deaf. Often deaf or blind pups from these litters are destroyed but these litter mates were saved from euthanasia by a Guardian Angel and surrendered to MWCR.

Fortunately for these 3 pups, they don't know they have any disabilities and are sweet and happy despite their challenges. Because of the help MWCR receives from our generous supporters we have the resources to save collies from situations like these and to find them loving homes. Cloud, Blue and Crystal have all been adopted and are now enjoying comfy beds, playful canine companions and unlimited love from their humans.  

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