Minnesota Transgender Health Coalition

Working to provide equal access to health care and direct services for trans and gender nonconforming Minnesotans


Minnesota Transgender Health Coalition creates healthy transgender and gender non-conforming communities through direct services, education, community outreach, and advocacy.

Who We Are

Formed in 2002, MTHC consists of transgender and allied community organizers and health care providers, working to improve the health care and community experiences of transgender, transsexual, intersex, genderqueer, and other gender non-conforming people living in Minnesota. 

MTHC works to build community through trainings, support groups, presence at Pride and other community events.  We are also part of a unique shared community space, The Exchange, which houses direct services including clothing & food shelves, gender gear program, gender lending library, support groups, meetings and safe spaces. And then there's the Shot Clinic which provides free shot assistance, syringe exchange, safer usage kits and resource referral.

Core Pillars for The Exchange

Economic justice and harm reduction for vulnerable populations through direct and indirect services to vulnerable populations (shot clinic, support groups, food shelf, needle exchange, referral services for primary physical and mental health care).

Outreach and advocacy, including trainings, providing comprehensive resources for transgender issues, and a health and wellness conference.

Community building:  We connect like and different people by providing a safe space for social and community events. 

Your Dollars At Work

MTHC is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit serving over 100 people per month, primarily from the Twin Cities metropolitan area.  Our free services save the transgender community about $2,500 per week on doctor co-pays for injections and support services.  Donations from people like you, and the work of our volunteers, make this possible.

Your $100 contribution provides:

  • 2 days of rent for our office and The Exchange, OR
  • 10 hours of direct service coverage at our Shot Clinic, OR
  • Emergency shelter for one trans person for one night 

Your $50 contribution provides:

  • Band-aids for 3 months, OR
  • About 30 sharps containers, OR
  • Provide 6 months' of alcohol wipes or gauze pads
Your $25 contribution provides:
  • Food & drink for one of our Trans Youth Programming safe spaces, Little Rainbows for 12 & under or Gender Jam for teens, OR
  • A month's worth of cleaning supplies


MTHC was formed by a small group of trans and allied community activists seeking to improve health care for ourselves and our communities. We provided online resources and referral, and implemented trainings for health professionals and students. 

As we expanded, we provided free health and wellness events. We opened our office and, in 2010, began providing direct services to our communities, and began providing Hepatitis C testing and education, syringe exchange, HIV testing, and case management referral, and to offer support groups. 

January of 2011, we expanded again and created The Exchange, a unique space sharing community.  Over the last three years, The Exchange has been used with RARE Productions, a production company serving LGBTQ Artists of Color and allies, as well as the Trans Youth Support Network (TYSN), and other community groups.

In 2013, we expanded our services to include a food shelf for the community, gender gear & winter wear programs and two active support groups.  

Our support groups meet weekly; our Transmasculine group (mthctransguys.net) meets every Tuesday at 7:30-9 pm and our Trans Support Group meets every Wednesday at 6-7:30 pm.

Our Shot Clinic, which trains people to administer hormones, assists clients with their own hormones, does syringe exchange, disperses safer usage kits and also provides medical and mental health referrals, operates on Thursday 3-5 pm, Friday 4-6 pm, and Saturday 3-5 pm each week.

In the last two years, MTHC & RARE Productions have continued to share space and expand programming and services to the community. Through support from a 2016 Headwaters Foundation Community Innovations Grant, we have added three Trans Youth Programs and established a partnership with TransForming Families.  Since the first quarter of 2015, our Shot Clinic has nearly doubled its client base.  MTHC's current goal is to hire our first employees in 2017 to more effectively manage our volunteer-driven direct service programs.  Your financial support will help us meet the needs of our growing community!

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