Minnesota Elder Justice Center

Providing education and support to stop the abuse of older and vulnerable adults.

Some people call the problem “elder abuse.” Others refer to “vulnerable adults.” Others may focus on "domestic abuse in later life.” Each of these is a way of focusing on adults who are especially at risk of being a victim of abuse, neglect or financial crimes. 1 in 10 older adults is a victim of elder abuse; studies show that in older adults who have a dementia diagnosis, 1 in 5 are victims of elder abuse.

Baby Boomers started turning age 65 in 2011. Those with disabilities are living longer, and older adults and those with disabilities are more often staying at home to receive services. Those who move to new settings to receive health care or help with daily living may face other obstacles. This combination of growth and potential for isolation creates huge opportunities and challenges for Minnesota’s families, workforce, health care providers, health and human services agencies, and law enforcement.

Fulfilling our Mission

The Minnesota Elder Justice Center provides support, information and resources to older adults and vulnerable adults, and their loved ones, around issues of abuse, neglect and financial exploitation, issues that are tragically common and under-reported. Every day we take calls from older adults and family members, helping them problem solve the victimization they are experiencing. 

We also mobilize communities to prevent and alleviate abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation of elders and vulnerable adults. We do this by:

  • Supporting victims, families and older adults experience elder abuse, with free support, information, systems navigation, and legal advocacy.
  • Providing community presentations and training materials on the issues confronting elders and vulnerable adults, along with strategies for addressing those issues.
  • Offering professional education and practice to institutions who work with older or vulnerable adults – we highlight effective practices in social services, financial services, law enforcement and health care, incorporating emerging research and case studies in the relevant areas of study.
  • Convening the Center Partners monthly meeting for discussion, research and recommendations to strengthen Minnesota’s systems and resources for the protection of vulnerable adults.
As organization with a rich history of collaboration and accomplishments in addressing abuse of elders and vulnerable adults, we rely on your support to fulfill our mission.

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