Supporting the community theatre movement throughout Minnesota

Minnesota Association of Community Theatres (MACT) is a statewide, volunteer run organization which holds meetings, workshops, festivals and other events throughout the state of Minnesota. Its mission is: to promote standards of excellence in theatrical endeavors in Minnesota communities; to encourage, channel and facilitate the exchange of ideas among theatres to better foster their growth and improvement; and to encourage the theatre arts through educational devices such as workshops, festivals, contests, conferences and other means.

In even numbered years we produce a short (20 minute max) play festival.

In odd numbered years we produce an adjudicated festival of 60 minute (max) plays.  This festival is part of the AACTFest cycle of community theatre festivals.  The two "Best of Fest" shows from our state festival (MACT*Fest) advance to the Region V AACTFest.  Region V consists of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Minnesota.  From the Region V festival, at least one "Best of Fest" show will advance to the national AACTFest.

These festivals are held at varying locations around the state.

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