Lyndale Community School

Lyndale Community School: Our Values Include Academics + Arts + Active Parents

Lyndale Community School provides a positive learning environment that fosters academic excellence, collaborates with the community, integrates the arts, promotes responsibility, and celebrates diversity. As a learning community we work for continuous improvement in a warm, nurturing environment. Together, we will guide our students to achieve excellence, and help them become responsible members of our community.

At Lyndale Community School, children experience a strong arts infused curriculum, which includes Children's Theater, Jungle Theater, Vocal Essence and artists-in-residency partnerships. In each grade, students are exposed to Core Knowledge, which is a research-based sequence of study in history, science, geography, social studies, art and music. The sequence of study offers the students a broad range of historical, scientific and socio-cultural topics that build on one another. Lyndale students are inquisitive, active learners, who respect the rights of all and value opinions different from their own.

Lyndale Community School is a High Five to 5th grade public school in south Minneapolis.

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