Leech Lake Tribal College

Help us provide high quality education to students from underserving communities.

Preserving Culture Through Education

The mission of The Leech Lake Tribal College is to provide quality higher education grounded in Anishinaabe values. Those familiar with tribal colleges often refer to them as "underfunded miracles." Despite the fact that colleges like Leech Lake Tribal College receive far less funding than other institutions of higher education (only about $5500 per student, less than what was originally authorized back in 1978!), they have grown and thrived, overcoming long odds to impact the lives of their students. 

Why Give to LLTC?

  • Non-profit higher education institution serving the impoverish communities on and off the reservation.
  • Many of our students are "First Generation" student.
  • The College provide access to higher education to those otherwise would not be able to attend College.
  • Empowerment of Indigenous Peoples and spreading knowledge about culture to non-tribal members in the community.
  • Promote the preservation of LANGUAGE and CULTURE to future generations.
  • Regardless of size, the College has produce notable members of society as many continued to gain higher academic achievements. (Bachelors, Masters, Professional, Doctorate). 
  • The majority of students learn, live, and work in the local community; this directly transfers the College's effort to the wellbeing of economic, leadership, and education of the community. 


 The work of Leech Lake Tribal College is built around the seven traditional Anishinaabe values: 

  • Dabasendizowin (humility)
  • Debwewin (truth)
  • Zoongide'iwin (courage)
  • Gwayakwaadiziwin (honesty)
  • Manaaji'idiwin (respect)
  • Zaagi'idiwin (love)
  • Nibwaakaawin (wisdom)

It is easy to see how an emphasis on adherence to traditional Ojibwe values, along with a strong academic foundation, provides what is needed for these students to break the chain of poverty and hopelessness that has too long plagued the Leech Lake Reservation.

Since receiving full accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission in 2006, enrollment at Leech Lake Tribal College has grown, as has the size of its graduating classes. Students from families who had never considered college an option are now building on their LLTC experience and excelling in bachelors degree programs including Pre-Med, Biology, and Nursing, among others. What makes this so important is not only the impact that Leech Lake Tribal College has on the current group of students, but also the fact that this generation of success is changing expectations in the Leech Lake area. LLTC graduates EXPECT their children to go to college, where before it was a rarity.

We recently just completed a successful Capital Campaign to build a much needed Library. Construction began on the new library on September 30, 2013, and was completed the Spring of 2015. The new Library's Grand Opening attracted many regional and community leaders and is one of our most valuable resources. The Library Campaign was able to attain it's goal thanks to the help of donors like you. Campaigns like this help provide our students with the necessary tools to succeed.

We hope that you will join us in our vision for Leech Lake Tribal College, and in support of student success here. Please contact the LLTC Advancement Office at 218-335-4229 or r[email protected] to learn more about the college's work and to hear student success stories.

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