Hunger Impact Partners

Hunger-Free KIDS Fund

Kids should only be hungry to learn

Together, let's change the trajectory of hunger-relief for Minnesota's children living in urban, suburban and rural economic hardship by 2020. Hunger Impact Partners has a laser-focus on high impact child nutrition strategies for school breakfast, after schools meals, infant and child nutrition programs, and summer feeding sites. Supporting a strong network of statewide, community-based initiatives and partners, we work to end childhood hunger for food insecure kids because we know who they are, where they are and how to find them.  Working with community organizations, schools and child care centers to build a shared understanding of the problem and a collective approach to solving it, we make sure these kids get access to nutritious meals. Nutrition fuels leaning and without it we won't see Minnesota's children realize their full potential. We can do this together.

Hungry infants and young children experience delayed development, poorer attachment and learning difficulties in the first two years of life. They are more likely to require hospitalization.  They are at higher risk for chronic health conditions, such as anemia and asthma.  They have more frequent instances of oral health problems.

  • Hungry school-age children are twice as likely to repeat a grade and more likely to have lower math and reading scores.  
  • They are three times more likely to be suspended from school and often absent from or late to school.  
  • They show a heightened propensity for having isolating or anti-social behaviors and a greater need for special education.

This is a solvable problem.  Let's step up and make it happen--Nutritious Food for Every Disadvantaged Minnesota Child.

The newest initiative for Hunger Impact Partners is a new mobile app that helps kids find free summer meals in Minnesota. 

The app, called Summer Eats Minnesota, is free at the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Powered by GPS, it shows locations of summer food sites, their menus (as available) and days and hours of operation. Kids 18 and under can show up without prior signup for free meals at these open site locations, including park and recreation sites, community center, libraries and schools. The app shows the distance and directions to the nearest sites. 
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