Greater Minnesota Health Care Coalition

Healthcare reform affects us all... your support will make positive changes in the system possible!

Hopefully, you have heard of Give To The Max Day  by now (#GTMD15 is the hashtag).  It’s a special day in the yearly calendar set aside specifically for people to offer direct support to the Non-Profit Organization of their choice.  This year the event falls on November 12th.  Donations and pledges are taken throughout that day.  Many times there are special matching gifts offered up by some contributors which allow your contribution to double or even triple in size during that 24-hour period of charitable giving.

GMHCC (Greater MN Health Care Coalition) was formed in 2003 as an organization with a specific focus on healthcare reform in Minnesota as well as, hopefully, the entire country.   We  have staged rallies, conducted informational workshops, facilitated panel discussions, and met with dozens of other allied organizations to form even broader coalition efforts in order to advance the cause of improved and more affordable access to quality healthcare.  We have made some progress and there’s much more work to be done.  We really need your support to continue our work of transparency and accountability in the state’s $5.1 billion dollar annual expenditure on healthcare, a good deal of it being spent/allocated needlessly for items that have nothing to do with delivering healthcare to people in need.  That needs to change and we want to help bring that change about and help the state spend your tax dollars more effectively… it can be done.

Your donation in any amount will help us be able to continue our work by helping us facilitate our meetings and travel costs in addition to funding our research time in putting together our fact-based case and reasons for more transparency.  We really need your support to make this happen.

Please click our GIVEMN link below to see how your gift can help.   THANKS in advance for your support!

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