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Animal Ark - Minnesota's largest No-Kill animal shelter, specializing in Rescuing, Rehabilitating and Rehoming companion animals

This year we hope to raise funds for our animals with special and medical needs. When we take an animal in, sometimes they are sick or may need immediate medical attention and this can be very costly. We also take in animals that may need socialization or behavioral help. The average cost of care for a healthy animal is $600. Can you imagine the cost for an animal that is sick or needs special attention? 

Here's a breakdown of some of our costs for medical care: 

$10 provides an animal with one vaccine.

$50 pays to spay/neuter an animal.

$75 provides an animal with food, water, & shelter for one week.

$100 provides an animal with food, water and shelter for one month. 

$500 provides insulin for our diabetic cats for two months. 

Our mission is simple: 

Rescue: We work with several rural and inner-city animal control facilities to take in unclaimed stray and companion animals. We also work with families facing difficult situations, to find rehoming options for their pets through our No-Kill shelter.

Rehabilitate: Our animals receive comprehensive medical and behavioral care to help prepare them for successful adoptions. While nothing compares to the comfort of a loving home, we strive to provide an enriching environment for each animal. Additionally, prior to each adoption, each dog and cat is vaccinated, sterilized and micro-chipped.

Rehome: Our goal is to find loving "Forever Homes" for every animal that enters our shelter each year. From kittens to puppies, to senior pets, special needs animals and everything in between, we can help you find the perfect animal to love. Search our animals available for adoption on our website at 

Our No-Kill Policy - When we say "No-Kill," we mean that once we admit an animal into our care, we treat that animal no differently than how we would expect a loving family to treat it. We are proud of our history of maintaining a Live Release Rate of 98-99%. To learn more, please view our No-Kill Policy on our website at

We at Animal Ark are honored to have the opportunity to find "Responsible, Loving, Forever Homes, for each and every animal we have the privilege of serving."

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