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Simple Solutions to End Poverty

EOS International empowers rural families in Central America by providing simple, inexpensive solutions that improve health, generate income, and provide access to clean energy. EOS promotes, manufactures, installs, tracks, and educates its users on life-changing technology projects that create economic opportunities to empower individuals to break the cycle of poverty and improve their quality of life.

Josefa Caballero lives in La Trinidad, Estelí and explains to EOS how she started with an improved oven six years ago and had little experience on the production and sale of bread. Josefa enjoys the challenge of learning and growing her own business. Soon after installing her first oven, she needed a second oven and had to hire several employees to keep up with the baking. Today, she and her family feel very blessed, as this technology has come to change her life and that of other people who work with her. After six years, Josefa is a successful businesswoman who produces and distributes large quantities of bread in different areas of the country. She is also a faithful collaborator of EOS, helping to train and motivate groups of people who are beneficiaries of the entrepreneurship program.
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