Help Prevent Childhood Sexual Abuse and Rape BY Supporting EmpowerSurvivors!


helping people heal, thrive, and put an end childhood sexual abuse.
We are a nonprofit organization of survivors supporting survivors and educating communities to prevent abuse.
Our mission is to help one million people heal.
We can only do this with your help.  It only takes a moment to support our work,
and the positive impact lasts forever.
?Support, educate, prevent.

Our mission To support adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse , educate communities, reduce the rape and molestation of children, and break the silence that allows childhood sexual abuse to go on for generations.

Vision To create safe communities where children are free from rape and molestation.

The Problem Childhood sexual abuse effects 1 out of 4 girls and 1 out of 6 boys by the age of 18. Over 90% of these children will be raped and molested by someone they know and/or trust. Most children will never tell and many go on to have mental health issues, teenage pregnancies, problems in school, false diagnosis such as ADHD, drug and alcohol addictions, chronic illness, and more.

The Solution There are no easy answers but there is much we can do and it starts by having conversations and breaking the silence that sorrounds childhood sexual abuse. As adults we can learn ways of prevention, learn the signs and symptoms of abuse when prevention fails, empower our kids , educate communities on the realities of abuse and come together to create trauma free communities. Its up to us to protect our nations children and future generation and it begins with you and I.

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