A place of respite for kids with life-limiting conditions and their families, where each moment of life is embraced and celebrated.

GTMD17 Update! 

We hit our $7500, so it was matched by our Crescent Cove Board Members.  Thank you for your generosity for our kids and families to be served as our Home!  We updated our goal to $30,000 total for today -- help us reach this amazing goal!

In January 2018, Crescent Cove is opening the first children's respite and hospice home in the Midwest, and the third in the US, to provide respite and end-of-life care to address the physical, emotional, spiritual, and social needs of kids and families.

The facts:

  • Thousands families in Minnesota alone bear the reality of lovingly caring for their child or children with a shortened life-expectancy. Approximately 500 children are newly diagnosed each year in Minnesota with an illness expected to shorten their life.
  • Each day, another family is being told that their son or daughter will not recover from a disease or condition. Instead of planning play dates, parents are planning for their child’s next hospital stay. Their days can become chaotic as they ride an emotional roller coaster of providing 24-hour care for one child while balancing the needs of siblings. The demands and restless nights of becoming a constant caregiver plus work and home life are high, and exhausting.
  • These kids and families don’t give up hope. They hope for more healthy days, for more moments together, and for a special place to go - where they can get help cope with the life-changing situation they were thrown into.

This is where Crescent Cove comes in: As a bridge between hospital and home for families.

By offering pediatric palliative care through respite stays and end-of-life care at the new Crescent Cove Home, families will experience a place where children can feel safe and loved, and find joy while creating lasting memories with their loved ones. In 2017, over 80 families received care and support through mini-respite experiences provided by Crescent Cove, and now that the Home will be available, hundreds of families access our services.

Crescent Cove is committed to offering the Home and services to kids and families at no cost. Philanthropy and your support makes this possible.

Please make a gift today to support our mission and the hundreds of kids and families who will be embraced and celebrated by Crescent Cove. Help us reach our $10,000 goal to provide two weekends of respite stays for four kids and families in January 2018!

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"I believe Crescent Cove's support is a big part of why Serenity is healing well. We still don't know what the future has in store for us, but we know with their support, we are better parents to Serenity, and a better husband and wife to each other." -- Janell, Serenity's mom

Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a respite home? A home-like environment a child can visit for a handful of days, with skilled nurses, doctors and therapists who treat children with round-the-clock care, such as pain and symptom control as directed by the child's primary physician. These homes uniquely offer play, music, and art therapies to the kids during their stay. Just as valuable to families, these facilities are equipped to offer parents a break, who may also stay in an on-site suite to rest and regroup while their child is being looked after and cared for.

What about end-of-life and hospice care? When it is time, Crescent Cove is an option for families outside the hospital or home environment where the child can spend their last days, and where the family can receive support from skilled and compassionate pediatric palliative care staff and through bereavement.

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