Clean Up The River Environment (CURE)

A just and healthy vision for Minnesota depends on YOU!

What do Minnesotans need? What do Minnesotans deserve?

Everyday CURE works toward a just and healthy vision for Minnesota. It doesn't matter where we live; ALL Minnesotans deserve to live in healthy communities with clean water, clean air, and healthy food. ALL Minnesotans deserve guaranteed quality health care, and our kids deserve the best public education that we can provide. We ALL deserve to live in communities where racial justice, gender equity, and fairness are guiding community principles, and we can ALL live together without fear. We can make this vision reality if we demand that Minnesota be a state where ALL voices are welcome, and ALL voices are heard.

CURE's work is a collective enterprise. Striving for a better Minnesota is work that all of us share. When we ALL invest in the healthy, vibrant, and sustainable future that all of us deserve we are supporting one another, especially those whose voices are still unheard.

Our Vision for Minnesota is possible. It's possible because together, the future we deserve is within our grasp. Your financial support is vitally needed to reach this vision. Dollars from grassroots advocates like you cover the costs of bringing us together for meetings and events, communicating our vision to decision makers, and growing our circle of support and power.

We invite you to look through the photos above and see first-hand how YOUR financial investment will make a just and healthy vision for Minnesota a reality!

About us: CURE is a rural, grassroots nonprofit founded in 1992. Our mission is to protect and restore resilient rural landscapes by harnessing the power of citizens who care about them. We do this because we believe that robust human communities can only be sustained by healthy ecosystems, and robust natural environments can only be regained through vigorous stewardship. 

Our work takes many forms, but always involves three core practices:
  • Awakening people’s bonds with the natural world around them
  • Inclusively, strategically and dialectically exploring issues and actions
  • Systematically building communities of change at critical intersections of ecological and social well-being

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