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Chain Reaction Theatre Project (CRTP) has been creating compelling, entertaining and socially conscious theatre, inspiring audiences, artists and communities to be more socially conscious citizens since 2012. CRTP is a unique theatre company, because of its partnerships with community and social justice organizations fighting for change. For each production, CRTP collaborates with other organizations whose work relates to the issues presented in the performance, thus raising awareness, and inspiring and encouraging action. If each person takes just one small step, many steps are taken, thus creating a chain reaction toward making our world a better place!

Check out just a few of the numerous comments we received from audience members at Body & Sold:

  "Powerful, infuriating, awareness producing, important work. Thank you!"
  "Thought provoking work. Wish more audiences would see it."
  "The script is performed in rapid-fire dialogue that doesn’t shy away from ugly truths nor the insidiousness of how faulty loyalties are built on the backs of the young and vulnerable."~Gail Rosenblum, Star Tribune
For our next production, we are creating an original performance that addresses the narrow definition of masculinity in our society that makes it difficult for men and boys to stay true to themselves, portrayed through a curation of different artists and art forms in a series of vignettes.

This is where you enter the scene.... our 2017 Give to the Max Day goal is $5,500. Chain Reaction Theatre Project cannot take ACTION alone. We need to PARTNER with advocates like you who are looking to make a difference in your community and the world. If you have a passion for performing arts, social justice, or community education - please JOIN our fast growing team of supporters! 

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Chain Reaction Theatre Project was founded by Shelley Smith in 2012. Shelley continues to bring the company to the next level as the Artistic Director, Production Director, as well as the creator and writer of the majority of our productions.   

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