Bei Dou Xing

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BEI DOU XING's goal is to raise over $30,000 during our Give to the Max Day 2017We CAN do this with your help! Thank you for your donation!  #RoosterBooster2017

"I appreciate all the support Bei Dou Xing has given to us!  I would also like to thank Bei Dou Xing for providing classroom books through the Chinese Book Fair and for supporting the costs of the CAAM Chinese Dance Theater field trip!"--Donghong Wang, XinXing kindergarten teacher 

"Big thank you to Bei Dou Xing for helping to support our district's 8th grade trip to China!  And also for helping to support our Chinese exchange visitors from our sister school in Shanghai.  It is great to prepare our students for these experiences!"--Lin Niu, XinXing 2nd grade teacher 

"Bei Dou Xing has helped my classroom by giving me grants to purchase Chinese books, instruments and instructional material.  Thank you, Bei Dou Xing, for all the support!"--Jingyi Yang, XinXing 3rd grade teacher

"Bei Dou Xing has helped me by providing a Laoshi grant for supporting my immersion education and licensure. I would also like to thank Bei Dou Xing for organizing different Chinese activities and school trips for my students."--Lulu Shi, XinXing 3rd grade teacher 

Here are some examples of what Bei Dou Xing does for XinXing Academy and [email protected] Junior High:

  • Support the K-12 Chinese curriculum and cultural activities for Hopkins Chinese immersion students such as culturally-related classroom and library items.
  • Invest long-term in the district-wide Chinese Immersion Program by funding our Laoshi (Teacher) Fund which supports our amazing teachers in their ongoing education and licensure.
  • Build a community through cultural events such as the Chinese New Year Festival and school-wide Chinese Bingo Night.
  • Plan an immersion experience for our 6th graders.  This year, they will attend an overnight immersion trip to Concordia Language Camp.
  • Provide support of the Hopkins School District's Chinese Immersion program's optional 8th grade trip to China, funded in part by Bei Dou Xing.
                          BEI DOU XING THANKS YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!  BE A RoosterBooster during this Year of the Rooster!  #RoosterBooster2017

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