Athlos Leadership Academy

Athlos Leadership Academy: An Innovative PreK-8 Charter School.

Athlos Leadership Academy (ALA)  is a Pre-K through 8th grade public charter school that believes in providing students with a challenging and comprehensive high school preparatory education through high standards for academic scholarship, fitness and nutrition, character development and student leadership opportunities. ALA strives to meet the needs of all of our students by providing coursework, challenges, and supports to meet the needs of our high achievers as well as our students in need of academic support. Alongside our rigorous academic program, we provide a Performance Character curriculum and innovative fitness curriculum. Through the Performance Character lessons, students are taught to recognize traits such as leadership, grit and social intelligence. These concepts become part of daily academic instruction and athletic activities. Athlos Leadership Academy uses Athletics as a tool – not just to create good habits, improve skills, and promote healthy bodies – but as a vehicle for teaching Character. Our Athletics Curriculum outlines age-appropriate, individual fitness goals that teach grit, courage, focus and the virtues of competition.

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