Artist driven communities... Expanding the notions of what art can be featuring an annual on-ice artist community

Art Shanty Projects completed a Kickstarter campaign to launch a membership program in December 2017! The member levels are reflected in the donation levels. Information regarding membership benefits can be found here:

We've added additional member levels at the $500, $1000, and $1500 levels. You will receive all of the benefits of the $250 Bonfire Member level and have the satisfaction of knowing you funded big things in Shanty land!

$500 - Funds a weekend performance by an artist group on the ice

$1000 - Equivalent to payment for two artists group performance over two weekends

$1500 - Matches the amount given to the artists and artist groups to design and build each shanty

If you donate at the $5,000 Shanty Sponsor level to help Art Shanty Projects you will receive a homemade pie each and every month for a year! This level also represents the ideal amount our organization wants to provide for artist stipends to build each shanty in the future. With community and member support, we believe we can reach this goal to more fairly compensate artists for their time and talent. 

Art Shanty Projects fosters construction of artist-driven temporary communities that explore the ways in which relatively unregulated public spaces can be used to create new and challenging artistic environments. Working with local businesses, municipalities, and artists of all experience levels, we expand the notions of art and artist

Art Shanty Projects is a nonprofit arts organization. Our livelihood depends on grants, donations, sponsorship, and volunteers. Through the valuable support of our donors, we can continue to offer free programming in a welcoming environment.

The On-Ice Program will transform the frozen surface of a Minnesota lake into a creative community space that is part art gallery, part art residency, and part social experiment. The annual home to ~20 structures and interactive exhibits created by more than 100 artists. Free and open to the public over four winter weekends. 

We are excited to bring our program back to the ice! Please give what you can and thank you for your contribution.

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