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Protecting the civil liberties of Minnesotans for over 60 years

For 65 years, the ACLU of Minnesota has stood as this state's premier defender of freedom and justice for all. We have worked with and battled against leaders of all parties in Minnesota to ensure that our state makes good on its constitutional promise to protect the rights and privileges of all Minnesotans.

We know you’re feeling fear of the unknown and uncertainty about what may happen in the coming months and years, but be assured that when we join together, we become a formidable force in the protection of our fundamental rights.

That is why we need your support on Give to the Max Day. The first $37,500 will have double the impact thanks to a generous match by five donors.

Our staff of litigators and activists around the state, along with hundreds of volunteers and thousands of card-carrying members stand ready to fight against any encroachment on our hard-won freedoms and rights.

Many of the most important legal cases in Minnesota were the results of ACLU of Minnesota’s labor. Victories include:

  • Overturning the state sodomy laws (MLBA v Ventura);
  • The right to use Tribal ID cards to vote (NCAI v Kiffmeyer);
  • A case allowing access to abortion for indigent people in Minnesota (Women of Minnesota V. Gomez);
  • A case allowing girls to have equal access to play sports (Brenden vs. Minnesota State High School League); and 
  • A lawsuit challenging racial profiling by the Drug Enforcement Agency (Berg v. DEA).

We have challenging times ahead of us. We will need to draw on your moral and financial support in these years to come as we stand up, together, for freedom and justice.

Together we are stronger. Donate today so you can be a part of our important work to defend the rights of all.


The ACLU is solely funded through generous donors such as yourself! We do not receive funding from the government. Your donations help leverage our education and advocacy work, and the valuable services of Minnesota attorneys who donate thousands of hours of pro-bono work annually.

If you have any questions about your contribution to the ACLU of Minnesota, please contact Molly at 651.529.1696; [email protected].

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