Alia: innovations for people and systems impacted by childhood trauma

What IF … our foster care system truly reflected the best interests of children? What if we cared for those with the greatest need the very same way we care for our own babies?  What if we guaranteed every child a safe, loving, permanent family that healed their wounds and fostered their  launch as successful young adults? What if we turned the current broken system on its head?

With your help, WE CAN!

The child welfare system in the U.S. is not working.  We spend $28 billion annually serving the 650,000 children who spend time in foster care each year, yet these investments are not producing desired results. There is an increase in the number of children spending time in out of home care, child welfare staff are turning over and experiencing burnout at unsustainable rates, and we are sending transition-age youth out of care grossly ill prepared to succeed as independent adults.

One study shows 44% of youth who age out of care without connection to a family do not finish high school or get a GED, 50% are unemployed, and 74% of males report being incarcerated and 32% of females are pregnant before they turn 18.  Our children deserve better!

Alia was born of the innovation and education arm of the highly successful innovative practices of Anu Family Services.  Under the leadership of former CEO, Amelia Franck Meyer, Anu went through a complete organizational redesign to achieve industry leading outcomes in stabilization and permanence for some of the most challenging youth and was recognized with six national, regional and local awards for innovation. 

Franck Meyer was named a 2015 Bush Foundation Fellow and a 2015 US Ashoka Fellow for her innovative ideas for transforming child welfare. She holds multiple Master’s degrees and certifications in Social Work and Leadership and is currently enrolled in a doctorate program in Organizational Change and Leadership at USC.

She has now turned her attention to transforming child welfare through the work of Alia.  

Alia’s mission is to inspire and drive transformative change for the people and systems entrusted with the care and welfare of children. Our goal is to ensure people working in child welfare know and understand how trauma impacts their work, are equipped with the tools and resources needed to minimize trauma, and are well enough to do the work in a trauma effective way. 

We believe all the pieces needed to create a new, more humane, more effective child welfare system already exist.  We are proud to be widely recognized as a leader in finding permanence for youth and recognize there are many others like us who are considered bright spots in the industry.  However, being a single bright spot is not enough.   

With our proven record of accomplishment, accumulated expertise, and expansive network of collaborators and supporters, Alia is well poised to create significant and sustainable change in the child welfare system.  We know this is a bold undertaking as Child Welfare is a highly entrenched, multi-billion dollar industry and taking it on is certainly the bravest thing we will ever do, but we also know our children deserve better

If not us… then who?         If not now… then when?

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