Sensible Strategies for Immigrant Integration & Poverty Reduction: Building Skills, Changing Mindsets

At AWED, we don't just facilitate integration- we create opportunities for newcomers to form the trajectory of their own lives. "There’s something inherently entrepreneurial about leaving your home to start a new life in another country". From 1:1 with individuals to groups of participants, we support women businesses and career development for foreign credentialed immigrants. With us, it’s personal. That's why, we get to know our participants, their goals, and we guide them every step of the way - through our experience network of volunteers, companies, workforce centers, colleges, universities, programs, etc. No matter where they’ve come from, or where they want to go next, AWED is here to propel newcomers and minority individuals forward. Through our development program, we can help bridge the opportunity gap, and reduce the employment and income disparity facing Minnesota through: ?Job readiness (resume building, mock interviewing, job search, etc.) ?Foreign degree recognition guidance ?Business coaching ?Accent reduction coaching ?Mentor match ?American cultural workplace-coaching ?Job placement AWED nurtures a deeper appreciation and respect for American ideals such as thrift and earnestness.
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