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AEDS helped Beko Tufa, owner of Dilla’s Ethiopian Restaurant, reach her big dream of starting a successful restaurant in Minneapolis.

Beko Tufa came to the United States with hopes of opening a family restaurant that could generate enough income to support her family. She spent the next nine and a half years working hard and saving money by cleaning houses and cooking at a local restaurant. In 2012, Tufa finally decided she was ready to become an entrepreneur. She had more than six years of experience working as a chef in the United States and many more in Africa. Tufa called African Economic Development Solutions for help. We stepped in immediately and provided technical assistance to help Beko realize her dream of starting a restaurant.

“Everything…AEDS helped me with everything,” Tufa says.

Dilla’s Ethiopian Restaurant officially opened in June 2012, a cozy spot on Minneapolis’s West Bank. The restaurant has been successful. In January 2014, Beko called AEDS and shared her ambition of owning the building. When we learned, her revenue grew almost double digit and AEDS leveraged its relationship to help in securing fund for building purchase. Today Beko is a proud owner of not only Dilla’s Ethiopian Restaurant, but also the building as well. She employs six people. But despite her success, she hasn’t stopped dreaming.

One year ago Beko said, “I have big plans,” she says with a smile. “Big plans.”

We look forward to supporting Beko Tufa’s big plans and other African immigrant entrepreneurs in the Twin Cities region through our Micro-entrepreneurial Training, Financial Literacy Education, Loan Access, Small Business Consulting, and Homeownership Education programs and services.

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  • Increase wealth in African immigrant communities in the Twin Cities.
  • Increase the number of African immigrant businesses that can access loan capital.
  • Help businesses so they can create new jobs.
  • Build a network of African owned businesses in our region.
  • To improve the economic status of African immigrants in Twin Cities region.
  • To improve the quality of life of African immigrants in the Twin Cities region.                                                                                                                                                                            
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