Abortion Care Network

I support independent abortion care providers because...

Every day in the United States, the majority of abortion care is provided by independent abortion care providers. These providers are committed to excellence, compassion, and affordability; they are changing lives and strengthening communities.

“I support independent abortion care providers because they are the bravest people that I know.” ~ Ravina Daphtary, All* Above All

Abortion care providers do work that a lot of people are not brave enough to do, and they accomplish this without the support that comes from affiliation with a large health care system. Abortion Care Network exists to fill that gap and to address the unique obstacles faced by Independent abortion care providers.

“People who provide abortion treat human beings with a kind of dignity and respect and attention and care that I don’t see anywhere else in the world.” ~ Dallas Schubert, volunteer & parent

ACN supports Indies by working to eliminate challenges to providing dignified and exceptional care through direct support and collaboration with other reproductive health, justice and rights organizations. Our network connects Indies and allies to advance our collective goal of safeguarding abortion access and addressing the unique needs of the people and families who seek abortion care.

“Because I would never want to be able to accept someone trying to determine what my life should be, I refuse to participate in a system that would deny women the ability to be self-determined.” ~ Dr. Willie Parker, OB/GYN who provides abortion in the southern U.S.

When you support Abortion Care Network, you help independent abortion care providers make a difference in their communities and to give the best care possible to their patients. Your support helps to ensure access to abortion so that women can control when and if they’re going to have children.

“...because I believe that Reproductive Freedom is the foundation of human rights.” ~ Amelia Bonow, #ShoutYourAbortion

“...because all women deserve to be treated with love, compassion, and respect.” ~ Jamie Beers, Hartford Gyn Center

“...because everybody deserves the opportunity to choose.” ~ Erin-Aja Grant, Philadelphia Women’s Center

Whatever your reason for giving, thank you for supporting independent abortion care providers and the people who rely on them for essential care.

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