African American Leadership Forum


Who is AALF?

AALF's focus is to improve the economic health of communities through public and private partnerships that create opportunities for underserved communities where business opportunities have been denied, unemployment is high, affordable housing is scarce and chronic homelessness has reached unacceptable levels – all critical factors in creating healthy, sustainable communities in the Twin Cities.

Through our 5 Point Program to Address Economic Inequality, we are working on achievable outcomes, goals, and deliverables that will:
  • Public and Private Employment Creation
  • African-American Businesses in Minnesota. Ensuring they have equal access to public and private contracts
  • Work with Minnesota Legislatures and Governor on short and long-term strategies to end economic disparities
  • Hold Minnesota-based philanthropies, private, corporate and community foundations accountable in prioritizing these goals and devoting resources to African American led organizations working toward effective solutions to end this dilemma. 
  • AALF-TC calls on public, private and philanthropic enterprises to partner with African American organizations
It is AALF's goal to highlight these areas and to call for concrete efforts and solutions to end this dilemma.
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