Transforming Lives Through Movement

For 30 years, Young Dance has offered a place for youth in our community to grow body and spirit through the creative expression of modern dance.

As we embark on our 30th year, we are looking forward to growing and expanding our programming and reach in the community. Your contribution helps us continue to provide exceptional classes in the community and develop new partnerships with organizations near and far.

Our goal this year is to raise $30,000 for our 30 year anniversary, and with the support of our community we aim to raise $6,000 of that on Give to the Max Day. Your donation in any amount is greatly appreciated!

This past season, we integrated the theme of social justice into our curriculum, using movement activities to explore topics of equity, social dynamics, and privilege. We are continuing that theme this year and are working with Ananya Chatterjea (Ananya Dance Theater), Marylee Hardenbergh, H. Adam Harris, and Marcus Young. We are continuing our partnership with Hennepin County Home School, using creative movement as a tool to enhance the therapy offered to individuals in the juvenile corrections system. We are also beginning a new partnership with Upstream Arts, offering programs at Marcy Open School and Barton Open School.

In our 30th season, we will continue this trajectory of growth and deepen our exploration of the intersection between dance and social justice in our company, classes, and partnerships. Young Dance is committed to offering dance education as a means for empowerment, reflection, and community building.

Our mission to transform lives through movement motivates us to foster thoughtful artists who will grow to be advocates and leaders in their communities.

Your contribution makes these programs and partnerships affordable and accessible. THANK YOU!

Since 1987, Young Dance has encouraged youth in our community to build body and spirit through the creative art of dance. Our mission is to transform lives through movement. Dance students and company members collaborate with professional artists, forge meaningful community partnerships and push the boundaries of the art and practice of dance. Young Dance is an inclusive, artistic community where creativity flourishes and all are encouraged to aspire to artistic professionalism. Young Dance offers modern dance technique, improvisation, and choreographic skills for any body. Young Dance offers two programs for dance participation, our Community Dance Classes and the Young Dance Company.

Young Dance encourages peer-to-peer mentorship and collaboration in the making of dances. Through our engagement of youth of all abilities, body types, and economic, social and cultural backgrounds, we provide an environment in which diversity is authentically embraced and celebrated. The young people with whom we work become leaders in their schools, which prepare them for leadership roles—both formal and informal—in their communities. By working with professional, highly accomplished artists, Young Dance dancers develop a keen understanding of the art form, the complexity of creating a production, and the power of the pursuit of excellence.
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