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Donate today and help bring Yellow Tree's Season 10 to life!

Help us continue to bring exciting, transformative and affordable theater to the Northwest Suburbs of Minneapolis.  Help us continue serving this community by making professional theater accessible to all!

Good theater is magical. It is alive and up close.  We see the tears and the sweat; the crinkles and the crow’s feet. We feel the heartache and the joy and the longing in our bones. Good theater breathes right in front of us. It awakens us, transports us, surprises and delights us. It sometimes even scares us. But most importantly, theater connects us. To each other. To something bigger than what we are.

When we opened our doors ten years ago we had a simple mission--to tell good stories. Because we believe that good stories can transport us and inspire us and awaken possibility. And in our little space where you can see the tears and the crows feet and the longing up close--you become a part of the story too. We are in this together. Season 10 is here and we’re celebrating with a line-up of Yellow Tree hits and exciting new plays! We have our directors and our actors. We have our designers and props, the lights and the lawn chairs. The stage is set. Let us captivate you. Let us surprise you. Let us remind you about being human.

But first we need your help...

Over the past ten years, Yellow Tree Theatre has brought over 45 productions to our community, served thousands of patrons and has become a nationally-recognized professional theater. We have continued to raise the bar of artistic excellence and have grown beyond our wildest dreams. And in order to continue supporting our artists and serving this community by bringing you affordable, professional and transformative theater--we need your financial support! Please consider donating today so Yellow Tree can bring good stories to life for many years to come!

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