World Without Genocide

World Without Genocide: Protect. Prevent. Prosecute. Remember.

No one stood up then. We are standing up now.

World Without Genocide provides education to raise awareness about past and current conflicts and advocacy at local, state, and national levels for policies and legislation to protect innocent people, prevent genocide, prosecute perpetrators, and remember those whose lives have been affected by genocide.


Dear Friend,

We look back on the Holocaust and say “never again.” But since the Holocaust, almost 70 million people have perished in genocides. Conflicts in Darfur, Syria, and Congo perpetuate gender-based violence, rape, displacement, and killings. More than 200,000 civilians are held in North Korean prison camps and religious minorities are persecuted in Bhutan and Burma. Genocide happens over and over again.

Far too few people stood up for the Jews of Europe. People sat quietly while thousands perished in former Yugoslavia. The world did not stop the killings in Rwanda. 

But we can stand up now.

The suffering of our neighbors anywhere in the world is our responsibility and our obligation. We must promote awareness about genocide, strengthen efforts to prosecute perpetrators, and build tomorrow’s human rights leaders - today.

Support our work now. Join us in creating the legacy of a world without genocide.


Thank you,

Ellen J. Kennedy, Ph.D.
Executive Director

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