WPBP is a volunteer-run organization that sends free books and resources to women in prison all over the country.

The Women's Prison Book Project (WPBP) provides incarcerated women with free reading materials and resources covering a wide range of topics, from education and politics to fiction, history, and women’s health. Founded in 1994, WPBP is an all-volunteer run and grassroots-funded organization and uses donated materials whenever possible. Amid several prison book programs throughout the country, only WPBP and our sister project in Chicago serve the specific needs of women and trans people by providing materials on families, parenting, women’s health/self-help, queer issues, and legal aid for women serving time for fighting back against their abusers. WPBP's mission is two-fold: it seeks to form connections with and provide support for those who are incarcerated, and it seeks to educate those on the outside about the realities of being a woman or a trans person in prison.

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